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A few books that changed the way I saw life and lived it. What inspires you?

If the Buddha Dated, If the Buddha Got Stuck and If the Buddha Got Married provide more wisdom and apply to a broader swath of life than their limited names imply. It was my first introduction to Buddhist philosophy and it’s very easy to grasp through these compact and practical books. You’ll want to read these slowly and digest them fully. Even if you’re not dating or stuck or married there’s keen insight and practical applications in almost every paragraph.
The same goes for The Right to Write. Though the book is definitely about writing, it’s about a whole lot more – keeping life in balance and discovery through the practice of writing. It’s written in essay style, in easily digested chunks often with practical exercises at the end of each one.
A New Earth requires a little more attention to fully absorb, but once you “get it,” it changes you at your core. The awareness of the workings of ego will change the way you see everything.
Speaking of what’s at your core, The People Code (formerly called The Color Code and links to the personality test on the website of the same name) identifies four basic personality types. Though I’m not one to categorize people into boxes that often don’t fit, this is some quick, useful information to help you understand different personalities and interact with others more productively.
The Four-Hour Workweek is just plain inspirational – pushing you to live a different kind of life you may never have imagined. It recommends a radical shift and even if you don’t implement it fully you will definitely pick up a new perspective on work and life. Your priorities will shift.
The Four Agreements gives you a very simple set of rules for living ethically and morally. Be Impeccable With Your Words, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions, Always Do Your Best. Fantastic structure for a well-lived life and plenty of ways to make it happen.

What reading list inspires you?

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