One True Thing

A movie that describes a loving family navigating through problems in how they relate as they experience sorrow.

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This movie shows the complexity in relationships in a profound way. It describes a family dynamic that I understood well – loving and bonded – but with their own small underlying problems that are invisible to anyone but them. It’s rare that these problems surface, but under stress and extraordinary circumstances, they come to light and must finally be dealt with.

For me, the key moments of this fantastic movie come in Part 10, at 2:11. Kate (Meryl Streep) calls Ellen (Renee Zellweger) into the bedroom for a speech about how families relate even through the hard moments and what we all see ever so clearly in each other while we wish for the best for one another. Which is how it is with those we love. At the end of her advice to her daughter she says:

It’s so much easier to choose to love the things that you have. And you have so much. Instead of always yearning for what you’re missing or what you imagine you’re missing. It’s so much more peaceful.

And from this was born a mantra: Love what you have.

What is your favorite movie moment?

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